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A Chinese garden stool is truly a wonderful and functional accent piece.  These lovely garden stools can be used indoors or outdoors and in a variety of ways.  Originally designed for traditional Chinese gardens, today’s oriental stools are still beautifully hand crafted.

This morning on the Today Show’s ‘Home’ segment Savannah Guthrie along with Sabrina Soto showed off inexpensive ways to create the perfect outdoor entertaining area.  They did a side by side comparison of expensive and budget outdoor decor.  Savannah started the segment off by saying she really could not tell the difference between the high dollar items and the budget ones.   One of the featured garden decor was the garden stool.  It’s all the rage because you can sit on them or use them as a table.  Sabrina Soto mentions the garden stool is a perfect way to add a punch of color.  So if you are looking to add a splash of color check out these budget garden stools and add one to your perfect outdoor entertainment area this year.

Chinese garden stools can be made of porcelain, ceramic or wood and are usually quite ornate.  Even the plainer designs painted mostly a solid color have intricate details of some sort whether it be a small painting or sculpted design in the casting.

Wooden Chinese stools for the garden are often lavishly carved and will have detailed painted designs as well.  The artfully hand crafted wood Chinese garden stools are made of calamander wood.  This is a beautiful hard wood that is native to South East Asian countries and bears the distinction of having black and brown stripes.  The brown has a hazel hue and so the contrasting colors and stripes of the grain are quite stunning.

Calamander wood is also a very heavy wood and sometimes called variegated ebony or Macassar Ebony.   Its distinct qualities of natural beauty and hardness make it the favorite of the craftsman that create the Chinese garden stools.  The solid qualities of the wood insure that a every piece of Chinese furniture made with calamander wood will last a long time.  This wood is also a favorite for artisans that create sculptures.

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The paintings on Calamander garden stools add even more splendor to these elaborate seats.  The images are carefully hand painted.  They usually depict some part of nature like flowers, trees or mountains.  When completed, Calamander stoolsare exquisite and unique works of art.

Porcelain and ceramic garden stools are as painstakingly crafted as the wood garden stools.  Made by hand these decorative stools may even tell of story.  Many of the Chinese garden stools have poems painted on them or drawings that tell a tale of some sort; or perhaps portray a message.  Finishes (or glazing) on the Chinese pottery stools varies from a crackle look to a dazzling iridescent shine.  Messages or descriptive paintings are always carefully painted on these lovely stools.

Chinese garden stools were originally fabricated to provide a seat for garden visitors who frequented the tranquil Chinese gardens. The Oriental gardens were the safe haven for the Chinese.  They were a place to go and escape the rest of the world.  In a garden one could become one with nature and meditate on life.  Each garden was very deliberately planned containing water ponds, paths and mounds to represent mountains.  Walls were built around thegardens and often they had paintings or poems on them.  The landscaping itself was a work of art strategically planned from start to finish.  Planted and maintained with respect for nature and life, the gardens were a person’s sanctuary.

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These days, Chinese garden stools are used in many ways.  Indoors and outdoors they provide tables as well as extra seating.  Chinese furniture can be used as plant stands and end tables or simply placed in bare spot of a room to provide a decorative accent.  The stools provide decorative home decor and uniqueness worthy of a conversation piece.  The craftsmanship of Chinese furniture is something to be admired and the artwork something to be studied.  Meditate on the meaningful designs on a Chinese garden stool and you may find that tranquil feeling of being in a beautiful Chinese garden…

Chinese garden stools were first used in 17th century to decorate Chinese gardens. These unique items are available in a variety colors, shapes, and sizes. While most Chinese garden stools feature elaborate artwork and designs, those who prefer a simpler design will not be disappointed. No two Chinese garden stools are the same due to the reactive nature of the glaze used to seal them.

The Chinese garden stool was originally invented as a garden seat, but they are now used in many different ways. The Chinese garden stool can serve as end tables, a unique candle cover, indoor seating, plant stands, or as the base of a table. The most popular Chinese garden stool is the traditional barrel shaped stool; however, some feature zigzags, hexagons, abacus, and rectangular designs.

Narrow down the height and shape of your Chinese garden stool by determining its purpose before shopping. Chinese garden stools are available in a variety of heights and shapes to suit all of your needs.

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